• NSIT Moksha | Head, Technical Team
  • Moksha is the Inter Collegiate annual cultural festival of NSIT
  • Responsible for the Front End development of the festival’s website.
    Developed the portal for the Registration of the participants.
    Optimized the website for Search engine visibility and achieved an Alexa ranking below 5k.
  • IEEE NSIT| Senior Executive Committee Member
  • Joint Secretary: Organized mass membership-drive, delivered presentations and increased the annual member conversion by 150%.
    Co-organized various events and SIGs under the society, like Delhi Student Congress and workshops.
  • NSIT Innovision | Head, Technical Team
  • Innovision is the Inter Collegiate annual technical festival of NSIT
  • Developed the festival’s website and deployed web-applications for various competitions like online treasure hunt and mathematics wizard using key technologies like Apache, SQL, Facebook Graph API, JavaScript and PHP.


  • Volunteer in Mass Awareness Campaigns:
  • Volunteer in mass awareness campaigns under HelpAge India and Search Foundation.