Ankit Kulshreshtha

Hey There!

I have received a Bachelor of Engineering in Manufacturing Process and Automation from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi. Since then, I've been working with EXL Analytics (erstwhile Inductis) as an Analyst and have been involved in developing analytical products to assist the clients in smart data-driven decision-making. I wish to contribute towards the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the industry. Read more about me here..


This section covers all the projects and courses that I have undertaken during my undergraduate studies. You can also find the details of paper presentations and conferences here.


This section highlights the experience and insights that I have gained in the industry. It also showcases my Entrepreneurial initiatives that I have taken during my undergraduate studies.


This section highlights my academic achievements, which includes scholarships, awards and a brief overview of my academic performance over the years.


This section highlights my achievements outside the classroom, cultural & technical achievements and my leadership experience.